IELTS VOCABULARY: 10 idioms diễn tả Being Smart, Intelligent, or Wise

1000+ Useful Expression for IELTS Speaking tài liệu tổng hợp những cụm từ được sử dụng nhiều nhất trong phần thi IELTS Speaking (lưu ý những cụm từ này chỉ dùng được trong văn nói)


IELTS SHARE gửi tới bạn học tài liệu để diễn tả Being Smart, Intelligent or Wise.  Đây là những cụm từ, idioms ngắn gọn, thực tế, được ứng dụng nhiều trong bài thi IELTS. 


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  • Tổng hợp các cụm từ được chia rõ ràng theo các chủ đề hay gặp trong IELTS.
  • Giải thích nghĩa và cách dùng.
  • Ví dụ cụ thể về việc sử dụng cụm từ trong một câu cụ thể.


  1. (to be) a bright spark 

Meaning: someone who is quite smart and learns things quickly and easily (usually used referring to young people) 

Example: Little Billy is a real bright spark. He got perfect scores in all of his school exams. 

  1. (to have) his | her head screwed on 

Meaning: someone who is wise, sensible, or has good judgement 

Example: Ellen is saving half of her pay check each week to buy a house. She really has her head screwed on

  1. (to be) not just a pretty face 

Meaning: someone who is intelligent or clever, as well as attractive 

Example: Anna really surprised me with her presentation last night. I guess she’s not just a pretty face after all. 

  1. (to be) on the ball 
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Meaning: someone who is quite attentive, aware of things that are happening around them, and quick to respond to any situation 

Example: We need to replace some of the staff here, they’re becoming too lazy and 

inattentive. We need people working here to be on the ball

  1. (to be) quick off the mark 

Meaning: someone who is quick to react or respond to a situation (similar to quick on the draw

Example: Did you see how fast Jim acted when he saw the terrible accident. He was very quick off the mark. 

  1. (to be) quick on the draw | trigger 

Meaning: someone who reacts or responds very quickly to questions or situations 

Example: The president is quite quick on the draw isn’t he? Did you see how well he responded to all those tricky questions the media were throwing at him. 

  1. (to be) quick on the uptake 

Meaning: someone who is able to understand something quite quickly and easily 

Example: Tom didn’t have any trouble understanding everything the lecturer was saying. He’s quite quick on the uptake

  1. (to be) sharp 

Meaning: someone who is intelligent and also quick thinking 

Example: My grandma’s quite sharp for a 90-year-old. 

  1. (to be) a smart cookie 

Meaning: someone who is smart or clever 

Example: Fran’s such a smart cookie. She managed to figure out how to fix my computer in about 15 minutes. 

  1. (to be) as wise as an owl 

Meaning: someone who has a lot of wisdom 

Example: Mark really made some smart decisions in his life. He’s as wise as an owl