• IELTS Writing Task 1 – 5 giới từ thường sử dụng khi mô tả số liệu
    Cách dùng các giới từ như at, to, by, of khi mô tả số liệu: 1. At stand at + số liệu: đứng tại mức (vào 1 mốc cố định) The crime rate stood at 5% in (Xem thêm)
  • ielts reading practice 67 ielts shareIELTS Reading Practice 67
    IELTS Reading Practice 67 EDUCATING PSYCHE Educating Psyche by Bernie Neville is a book which looks at radical new approaches to learning, describing (Xem thêm)
  • check ur vocab for ielts ielts shareCheck Your Vocabulary for IELTS
    This workbook provides material to revise and build the vocabulary needed to pass the IELTS examination. It contains activities to help students (Xem thêm)
  • Test Your Vocabulary 2 ielts shareTest Your Vocabulary 2
    Test Your Vocabulary 2 is the second in a series of five best-selling Test Your Vocabulary series. This fully revised and updated edition features 60 (Xem thêm)
  • Advanced Vocabulary & Idioms ielts shareAdvanced Vocabulary and Idiom
    The final part of a series titled Vocabulary & Idioms (a 3-volume set) for Advanced Level students. This text contains over 1500 lexical (Xem thêm)