Đề thi IELTS 2019 – Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking đề thi ngày 22/06

Part 1


Do you like reading?

Yes. I used to read a lot as a child, but now my tight schedule rarely gives me any breathing space for any pastime.

What kinds of books do you like to read

When I was young, I was a huge fan of foreign comic books like Spider Man or Naruto. As I got older, I grew more interested in famous fiction novels like “Harry Potter” or the “The Hunger Games”.

Will you read book when you get older?

I hope so. I intend to take up reading again when I have more spare time. Reading broadens the mind and it is also an excellent stress reliever.

Từ vựng

1. Breathing space: khoảng thời gian nghỉ

2. Take up: bắt đầu thói quen

3. Broaden the mind: mở rộng trí óc

4. Stress reliever: công cụ xả stress


Do you make plans everyday?

Yes. I like to have a fixed daily plan and rarely do anything spontaneous. Unfortunately, my schedule now is really hectic, so I have little time for any leisure activities.

What is the latest plan you make?

A specific plan, you mean? I’m making a travel plan for my trip to Thailand over the next two weeks. I must calculate living expenses, note down metro numbers and pack food and clothes in advance.

What is the hardest part of making plans?

I believe it is deciding which tasks are more important and should be prioritized. I often spend a lot of time deciding whether I should spend more time at the gym or at work.

Từ vựng

1. Spontaneous: phát sinh, tự phát

2. Hectic: bận rộn

3. In advance: trước đó

4. Prioritized: ưu tiên

Part 2

Describe a person who encouraged and helped you achieve a goal.

• Who this person is

• What this person encouraged you to do

• How this person helped you

and explain how this encouragement helped you achieve the goal.

Alright I will talk about my brother, who motivated and helped me a lot to achievie one of my most important goals.

Recently I’ve gained some weight and the mockeries from friends has become more and more irritating. I tried to hit the gym but gave up after two weeks since it was too physically demanding. My brother, who is working for a weight management company at the time, decided to jump in and become my temporary nutritionists.

To help me slim down, he first introduced me to one of his company’s main products, the meal replacement shakes, which I had to consume for breakfast and dinner. These shakes provide my body with enough nutrients for a day and contain zero fat. In addition, my brother also pointed out that I need to break some of my bad habits like staying up late , skipping meals and called me several times per day to check on my progress. The key to lose weight, according to him, is 50% dietary supplements and 50% a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to him, I successfully lost 2 kilograms after the first two weeks and was able to catch a glimpse of a healthy lifestyle.

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That’s all I want to share. Thanks for listening!

Từ vựng

1. Mockeries: sự chế giễu

2. Physically demanding: cần nhiều thể lực

3. Jump in: nhảy vào một tình huống khó khăn

4. Slim down: gầy đi

5. Break habit: phá bỏ thói quen

6. Catch a glimpse of: được trải nghiệm nhẹ

Part 3

Is this important for teenagers to set goals?

I do think teaching kids about goal-setting at an early age is essential, as it helps children develop a sense of purpose and teaches them about the value of patience and hard work toward achieving their dreams. However, children’s goals should be realistic and within their ability. Many parents in Vietnam, for example, encourage their children to set such overambitious goals like getting accepted into Harvard, which put children under a lot of harmful pressure.

Who do you think has the greater influence on goal-setting of children? Teachers or parents?

Opinions diverge on this topic. Some people say parents have the major influence because they spend the largest amount of time with their kids. Most kids also mimic their parents’ behavior, whether it is good or bad. However, I believe teachers play a more vital role, since teachers are professionally-trained educators and would have more effective methods to help children set goals.

What will motivate children to learn more?

There are many things. To be honest, rewards and punishments were on the top of my list, but I can also name quite a few. I think teachers should make the lesson more fun by organizing knowledge-based games or including visual effects in their presentation, which will attract children’s attention and encourage participation in class.

Từ vựng

1. Sense of purpose: nhận thức về mục đích

2. Put sb under pressure: tạo áp lực cho ai đó

3. Mimic parents’ behavior: bắt chước hành vi bố mẹ

4. On the top of my list: đầu tiên nghĩ ra

5. Encourage participation in class: khuyến khích sự tham gia xây dựng bài học trong lớp

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