Cambridge Basic Vocabulary in Use

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–  This book has been written to help you learn new vocabulary. There are around 1250 new words and phrases. Every new word or phrase is used in a sentence, or in a conversation, or has a picture with it, or has some explanation of what it means. On the right-hand page there are exercises and other activities to help you practice using the words and to help you remember them. You can use it yourseft without teacher.

– This book can be used in class. The vocabulary has been chosen for its usefulness in every situations, and the authors consulted a writen and spoken corpus of present day English to help them decide on the words or phrases to be included. The new vocabulary is on average 20-25 items per unit….There is an index with pronunciation for all the key vocabulary, a table of phonetic symboys, and an answer key at the end of this book.

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