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The table show the average salaries of graduates and non-graduates in the UK in 2010

Bài mẫu

The tables compare the average salaries of graduates and non-graduates in the United Kingdom in 2010.

In general, the average salary of graduates was much higher than that of non-graduates. Additionally, both graduates and non-graduates, aged between 32 and 52 years-old received the highest salaries.

The average salary for UK graduates in 2010 was 54,000 pounds, which was almost twice as high as non-graduates, at 29,000 pounds.

In 2010, graduates aged 22 were paid the lowest salaries, at only 24,000 pounds, while the figure for those aged 52 was the highest, at just over 34,000 pounds. Ranked second and third were 32 and 42 year-old graduates, who received 32,200 and 33,500 pounds respectively. Furthermore, graduates aged 62 were paid 29,900 pounds..


In terms of non-graduates, the highest amount of money was paid to 32 and 42 year-olds, at 19,100 pounds each, which was only slightly higher than the figure for 52 year-old non-graduates, at 18,600 pounds. The lowest paid non-graduates were the youngest and oldest age groups at 15,200 pounds for 62 year-olds, and 14,300 for 22 year-olds.

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