English for Academic Study: Grammar for Writing

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English for Academic Study: Grammar for Writing is a graded, self-study course that will help students improve their academic writing. It will build their confidence in understanding and using grammar for written assignments, so they can write accurate English and communicate more effectively in academic contexts.

EAS. Grammar for Writing starts at a relatively low level, recognizing that many students require continuing practice of common grammatical problems in academic writing (such as subject-verb agreement, or the use of present simple and present continuous). It gradually increases the level of challenge so that by the end of the book students can use appropriate grammatical structures to express more complex academic ideas.

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The nine units are based on the following topics:

  • Starting out
  • Information flow within a text
  • Looking back (past simple and present perfect)
  • Showing logical links (1)
  • Showing logical links (2)
  • Expressing shades of meaning Expressing condition Avoiding person-based writing Using relative clauses

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