IELTS VOCABULARY: 21 idioms diễn tả Anger, Frustration & Annoyed

Idioms trong IELTS không những giúp cho thí sinh đạt trọn điểm từ vựng mà còn được coi là một trong những cách thể hiện sự hiểu biết chuyên sâu về ngôn ngữ với Ban Giám Khảo. 

Bài viết dưới đây, IELTS SHARE cung cấp cho bạn 21 idioms diễn tả cảm xúc giận dữ (Anger, Frustration & Annoyed) trong IELTS Speaking . Đây cũng là những cụm idioms ngắn gọn, thực tế, được ứng dụng nhiều trong bài thi IELTS. 


  1. (to be) at your wit’s end 

Meaning: to be angry, worried, or upset by something and not know what to do next about the situation 

Example: I’ve been trying to calculate the answer to this math problem and I just can’t get the correct answer. I’m really at my wit’s end


  1. (to) reach the end of your tether 

Meaning: when you have no energy or patience left to deal with a certain situation 

Example: I’m really at the end of my tether trying to deal with all these mistakes that my work colleagues have made in this report. 


  1. (to be) sick and tired of something|someone 

Meaning: to be annoyed, angry, or upset about something or someone and you can’t tolerate it anymore 

Example: I’m so sick and tired of the neighbours next door singing karaoke all night long every weekend! 

  1. (to) go bananas 

Meaning: to get very angry (also used when someone gets very excited) 

Example: My mother went bananas when she found out I had been skipping school. 


  1. (to) flip your lid 

Meaning: to get very angry (similar to go bananas, and flip out

Example: The teacher flipped her lid when little Timmy wouldn’t stop talking in class. 


  1. (to) flip out 

Meaning: to get very angry (similar to go bananas, and flip your lid

Example: My father flipped out when he realised that I scratched his new car. 


  1. (to) hit the roof (similar to go bananas, and flip your lid

Meaning: to get very angry, and show your anger by yelling or screaming 

Example: My parents hit the roof when they found out that I dropped out of university. 


  1. (to be) hot under the collar 

Meaning: to be angry or extremely annoyed by something 

Example: Be careful what you say to the boss, he’s a little hot under the collar today. 


  1. (to) freak out 

Meaning: to be angry, worried, or scared by something 

Example: I was absolutely freaking out (worried) about my upcoming exam because I hadn’t prepared at all. 


  1. (to) blow your top 

Meaning: to get very angry (similar to go bananas, and flip your lid

Example: The boss blew his top when he found out that sales were down by 50% this month, so we really need to work hard this month to catch up. 


  1. (to) get on someone’s nerves 
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Meaning: when something really irritates or annoys somebody 

Example: My little brother really gets on my nerves when he won’t help me do the house chores. 


  1. (to) make your blood boil 

Meaning: when something makes you angry or extremely annoyed (similar to get on your nerves but stronger) 

Example: The way people drive in this city really makes my blood boil sometimes! 


  1. (to) drive someone crazy|mad 

Meaning: when someone is irritated or annoyed by someone or something 

Example: Getting stuck in traffic jams during rush hour really drives me crazy

It really drives my neighbours mad when I play my music loudly late at night. 


  1. (to be) cheesed off 

Meaning: to be annoyed, irritated, or angry 

Example: I was so cheesed off when I received my examination results, because I studied so hard for them 


  1. (to have) a face like thunder 

Meaning: when someone has a very angry expression on their face 

Example: My father had a face like thunder when he saw the damage that I did to his car 


  1. (to be) like a bear with a sore head 

Meaning: to be in a very bad, irritable, or grumpy mood, especially when someone is speaking to others in an angry or rude way 

Example: John was like a bear with a sore head this morning. I think he had a bad day yesterday and didn’t sleep well last night. 


  1. (to) bite your tongue 

Meaning: to stop yourself from saying something that you really want to, because it might make a situation worse or might offend someone. 

Example: I had to bite my tongue during the meeting yesterday, otherwise I would have got myself into trouble. 


  1. (to) fly off the handle 

Meaning: to get so angry that you lose control and start yelling and reacting in an angry manner 

Example: The school principal flew of the handle when he saw the children graffitiing on the school building 


  1. (to) lose your head|cool|calm 

Meaning: when something causes you to get angry 

Example: I lost my cool yesterday when the waiter spilt the drinks all over my new dress 


  1. (to) see red 

Meaning: to become very angry 

Example: I was seeing red last night when my neighbours were singing karaoke until 2am! 


  1. (to) vent your spleen 

Meaning: to express your anger 

Example: the boss was venting his spleen in the meeting last week because the staff have been quite lazy recently. 


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