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ĐỀ BÀI 1: Some people think that it is more beneficial to take part in sports which are played in teams, like football, while other people think that taking part in individual sports, like tennis or swimming, is better. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some people argue that playing team sports provides people with more benefits as opposed to participating in individual sports. Personally, I believe that both types of sports can provide a range of benefits to people, and it depends on what benefits each individual wishes to achieve as to which sport they should choose to play.

On the one hand, team sports, such as football and basketball, provide a number of benefits to those who play. For example, team sports give players the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, like teamwork and communication skills, which will not only help people in their day-to-day social interactions but also benefit them in their workplace. In addition, team sports also offer players the chance to develop a sense of unity, friendship, and sportsmanship between teammates, which can really add value to people’s lives by making them feel a part of something.

On the other hand, individual sports, like tennis and swimming, also have their merits. When someone plays an individual sport, it usually gives them more opportunities to enhance their personal skills, such as being able to manage emotions, cope with stress, and build confidence and self-esteem. When people are playing an individual sport, they usually have no one else to rely on for support during the game or match, and therefore, individuals will need to develop a strong mindset to be able to deal with and overcome any setbacks they may face. Individual sports also provide better opportunities for people to challenge themselves by setting goals and achieving personal bests.

Overall, I feel that all sports offer great benefits for people’s mental and physical health, and that people should choose whatever sport they are most interested in playing.

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Đề bài 2: Nowadays, sports is a big business with high earnings for professional sports people and companies involved both financially and other ways. Is this a positive or negative development for sports?

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These days, professional athletes can earn a great deal of money as sports have become a lucrative business. Furthermore, this business is supported by many companies in various ways, including sponsorships and so forth. From my perspective, this is more of a positive development.

To begin with, paying a big amount of money to sports people can be considered beneficial to sports. When these people find their career rewarding enough in terms of earnings, they are more likely to have greater motivation to devote hard work and time to their training. As a result, these athletes are able to enhance their performance in competition and gain more medals for themselves or for their own country. In Brazil, sports have become an industry that receives huge investments from companies like Wilkes and Banco. Brazilian footballers are paid millions of dollars a year just to bring victory to their country, explaining why this nation has won so many championships. 

It is also advantageous for sports when businesses pour a lot of money and support into the industry. Since HAGL, a prosperous business group in Vietnam, allocated billions of Vietnam Dong to the construction of a sports institute to provide young football players with professional training, the Vietnamese national football team has become much stronger. Being well-trained, they now have a better chance of winning more championships and awards than their predecessors. Other companies in Vietnam also use images of popular sports idols in advertisements on social media for another purpose. Aiming at all walks of life, they inspire people to have a greater passion for sports, potentially increasing the number of talented athletes.

In conclusion, sport can benefit a great deal from becoming a business as it will help to improve the popularity of playing sport and leading a healthy lifestyle, while professional athletes will have more financial incentives to improve their performance.

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